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TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum Quoted in ASAE’s Inroads Article, “Ways & Means Inquiry into Tax-Exempt Orgs’ ‘Political Campaign Intervention’ May Have Unintended Consequences”

TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum was quoted in an ASAE Inroads article entitled, “Ways & Means Inquiry into Tax-Exempt Orgs’ ‘Political Campaign Intervention’ May Have Unintended Consequences.” “Noting the potential for a significant impact across the non-profit community, association attorney Jeff Tenenbaum, Managing Partner of the Tenenbaum Law Group, said, ‘Any time that Congress revisits existing requirements, limitations, and prohibitions for any category of tax-exempt organization, there is the risk of a spillover effect and unintended consequences for all tax-exempt entities. We have seen that happen numerous times in the past. Even though the initial inquiry may be focused on 501(c)(4)/(c)(3) affiliations in the political campaign space, any new rules put into place to regulate that space have a high likelihood of adversely affecting the very important 501(c)(6)/(c)(3) affiliations that exist throughout the association community.’”

TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum Quoted in Bloomberg News Article, “US ‘Dark Money’ Donor Groups Accuse Each Other of Abusing System”

TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum was quoted in an August 15, 2023 Bloomberg News article entitled, “US ‘Dark Money’ Donor Groups Accuse Each Other of Abusing System.” “Though the allegations about Leo and Kessler are partisan, legal experts say the concerns they raise have been taken seriously by the IRS in the past. Jeffrey Tenenbaum, a lawyer specializing in representing nonprofits, declined to comment on the specific allegations but said the IRS has a history of cracking down on abuse of tax-exempt status for ‘private inurement’ and ‘private benefit.’”

Tenenbaum Law Group Welcomes Addition of Counsel Holly Peterson

The Tenenbaum Law Group (TLG) is pleased to announce the addition of its fifth attorney, Counsel Holly Peterson, to the firm. Prior to joining TLG, Holly served in a senior role on the Legal Resources Team and Leadership Team at the National Association of College and University Attorneys for eight years, where she was immersed in legal and operational issues impacting the nonprofit education sector. During that time, she also acquired significant experience with association and nonprofit operations and management. Prior to that, Holly served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maryland for four years, where she advised and litigated on behalf of the 13 public colleges and universities in Maryland. She has significant experience in the association and nonprofit, employment, and education sectors, and excels at translating complex regulatory and legal issues into practical and digestible solutions for nonprofit organizations. Holly will help to service the firm’s client base of over 650 associations and nonprofits, as well as companies and executives that work with or provide services to nonprofits. Founded on January 1, 2020 by Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum and Partner Nisha Thakker, TLG is nationally recognized, five-attorney, Washington, DC-based, boutique law firm focused exclusively on the nonprofit sector, with clients across the United States.

TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum Quoted Extensively in NACE Insights Article About Avoiding Potential Legal Pitfalls Associated with AI Use

TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum is quoted extensively in a NACE Insights article about avoiding the potential legal pitfalls associated with AI use.

TLG Partner Nisha Thakker Interviewed on Association Bylaws in The Membership Management Report

TLG Partner Nisha Thakker was interviewed in the July 2023 issue of The Membership Management Report, answering three common questions that associations typically ask about their Bylaws: How do you stop the old school mentality from constantly creeping back in?, How often should we be updating our Bylaws or reviewing our Bylaws?, and How can we ensure our Bylaws are helping us create a di[1]verse representation on our Board?

TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum Quoted in NonProfit Times Article, “Hackers Extorting and Offering Booty To Charity”

TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum was quoted in an article in The NonProfit Times entitled, “Hackers Extorting and Offering Booty To Charity.” “’Nonprofit recipients of these ill-begotten gains would likely not be criminally liable themselves, assuming they received the funds unknowingly and were not complicit.’ But they ‘may well be forced to return the money,’ said attorney Jeff Tenenbaum, whose Washington, D.C. firm advises hundreds of nonprofits across the country. Just what charities can do proactively to guard against such scenarios is less clear. For all of them, it probably makes sense to be leery of large dollar gifts that don’t pass the smell test, but ‘I don’t know what they could do except to screen their large donors to the extent possible,’ Tenenbaum said.”

TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum Quoted Extensively in Chronicle of Philanthropy Article, “How Nonprofits Can Avoid A.I. Ethical and Legal Pitfalls”

TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum is quoted extensively in an article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy entitled, “How Nonprofits Can Avoid A.I. Ethical and Legal Pitfalls,” addressing legal issues involving privacy, bias in employment actions, intellectual property, and tort liability.

TLG Once Again “Ranked” by the Prestigious U.S. Legal 500 in the 2023 National Not-for-Profit Category – One of Only 19 Law Firms Nationwide and the Only Boutique Firm

Tenenbaum Law Group PLLC has once again been “ranked” by the prestigious U.S. Legal 500 for 2023 in the national Not-for-Profit category. One of only 19 law firms ranked nationwide and the only boutique firm, this is a highly coveted, distinguished honor. TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum is also one of only five members of the U.S. Legal 500 Not-for-Profit Hall of Fame. Details can be found here and here.

Here are some excerpts from the published client testimonials:

“Experienced managing partner and co-founder Jeffrey Tenenbaum is the ‘highly skillful, caring, and practical’ practice head leading the group at Tenenbaum Law Group PLLC in Washington DC. Tenenbaum, who is active in the nonprofit bar, is emblematic of the group’s ‘rich and deep understanding of the nonprofit and trade association ecosystem’, leveraged to act as outside general counsel for different types of clients such as charities, trade and professional associations, international NGOs, conservation groups, and educational and health care institutions, with Nisha Thakker, who co-founded the group, a key name for healthcare work.”

“Jeffrey has years of experience in the non-profit space. Since starting his own practice, we have found him to be extremely responsive, as well as realistic.”

“The group has a rich and deep understanding of the non-profit and trade association ecosystem and therefore has experience and understanding of any situation and issue that may arise for any particular organization. They are very responsive, respectful, genuine in their desire to do good for their clients. They have also responded very well to adapting to the changing office environments resulting from the pandemic.”

“Jeffrey Tenenbaum is very knowledgeable, fastidious, and personable. He is able to drill down to the very heart of the issue and articulate it so that my board and other stakeholders understand any issue from all angles and the options before us. He has been a great resource for a number of items, whether it’s launching a new foundation, templates for bylaws, employment contracts, or affiliate partnerships, Jeff is a great resource to go to.”

“Jeffrey Tenenbaum is exceptional. Highly skillful, caring, and practical.”

In addition to other honors and recognitions, in its first year of existence, TLG was awarded the (top) Tier 1 designation in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for Nonprofit/Charities Law for 2021 by Best Law Firms/U.S. News & World Report®, and then again for 2022 and 2023. The firm is one of only six law firms in the region to have been granted this distinguished Tier 1 honor (and one of only four “client-confirmed” firms) and the only boutique firm among them.

TLG Partner Nisha Thakker Quoted in The Management Membership Report Article, "Avoid Bylaws Pitfalls"

TLG Partner Nisha Thakker is quoted extensively in the May 2023 issue of The Management Membership Report in an article entitled, "Avoid Bylaws Pitfalls." "The two most common bylaws pitfalls are 1. being overly detailed and prescriptive and 2. not being consistent with state statutes," says Nisha Thakker, a partner with the Tenenbaum Law Group PLLC (Washington, DC). "Bylaws are intended to be flexible and fluid so that the governing body of the organization can act effectively and efficiently,” she says. “Bylaws don’t need to lay out every possible scenario and address every possible issue in order to be legally compliant. It’s actually the direct opposite.” Thakker goes on to give further advice about how to avoid pitfalls with association bylaws.

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch Quotes TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch quotes TLG Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum in “Experts: VDARE’s Real Estate Deals May Cost Group Nonprofit Status”: “The VDARE Foundation, a nonprofit based in New York that leading white nationalist activist Peter Brimelow founded in 2008, purchased the castle for $1.4 million in February 2020. The foundation serves as an umbrella organization for VDARE’s website, which it claims is a nonprofit journalistic outlet but consists of anti-immigrant and white nationalist posts. The hate group used donations for the purchase, according to court documents.” “Jeff Tenenbaum, a managing partner at the Washington, D.C.-based Tenenbaum Law Group, which specializes in federal nonprofit law, told Hatewatch he did not have enough information on the real estate deals and VDARE’s composition to make a judgement. He said, however, they ‘could be very improper. … Anytime there is personal benefit to the founders/directors/managers of a nonprofit deriving from the nonprofit, it gives rise to potential private inurement and impermissible private benefit.’ Tenenbaum said such potential benefits ‘can pose a risk to the organization’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.”