Representative Matters

Matters handled or led by Tenenbaum Law Group attorneys in recent years:

  • Helped negotiate, advise, facilitate, conduct due diligence, and draft the legal documents in connection with mergers, combinations, and other affiliations between nonprofit organizations
  • Advised nonprofits on a wide array of complex issues involving compliance with state nonprofit corporation statutes, corporate governance, conflicts of interest, boards and membership, and related corporate law matters
  • Successfully counseled and advocated on behalf of hundreds of associations and other nonprofits in connection with the cancellation, postponement, and rescheduling of their upcoming meetings and conferences during the pandemic, and otherwise advised nonprofits in connection with a variety of pandemic-related legal issues in the areas of governance, liability from office re-openings and in-person meetings, UBIT from virtual trade shows, antitrust risks arising from member communications on pandemic-related matters, copyright issues relative to virtual conferences, remote workforce challenges, and the like.
  • Worked strategically with nonprofit executives and boards in connection with the reformulation and restructuring of their corporate, tax, and governance structures, with an eye toward maximizing tax and other benefits, minimizing or isolating legal and financial risk, and simplifying governance and decision-making structures and processes
  • Conducted numerous nonprofit board training sessions on fiduciary duties, what it means to be a board member of a tax-exempt nonprofit, codes of conduct, antitrust compliance, lobbying and political activity regulation, and other issues
  • Defended over 75 tax-exempt nonprofits in connection with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits and appeals involving their tax-exempt status and related matters, the vast majority of which concluded with successful outcomes
  • Led the successful defense of numerous investigations of and enforcement actions against nonprofits by federal agencies such as federal agency Inspectors General, Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Department of Justice, and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; Congressional committees; and state Attorneys General
  • Negotiated and drafted hotel and convention center, vendor, IT, licensing, consulting, and other contracts on behalf of nonprofit clients, and negotiated and drafted nonprofit CEO employment contracts (sometimes on behalf of the employer and sometimes on behalf of the executive)
  • Served and continue to serve as a “consigliere” and legal sounding board to nonprofit general counsel, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and other executives
  • Advised nonprofits in the structuring of complex joint ventures with for-profit entities, as well as the use of single- and multi-member LLCs, in a manner designed to protect tax-exempt status, maximize effectiveness and net revenues, effectuate impact investing, and mitigate legal and financial risk
  • Helped nonprofits analyze their current and planned business activities to minimize Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT), and structure and negotiate corporate sponsorship, royalty and endorsement, cause-related marketing, corporate partnership, and other arrangements accordingly and creatively
  • Advised trade and professional associations in the creation and ongoing operation of certification, accreditation, and standard-setting programs in a manner designed to lessen legal risk and promote program success
  • Worked with nonprofit organizations to help them protect and maximize their copyright and trademark rights, ensure appropriate licensing of such rights to others, and avoid infringing others’ copyrights and trademarks
  • Assisted charities in connection with the planning, structuring, and execution of their fundraising campaigns, cause-related marketing, and commercial co-ventures in a manner that complies with all applicable state and federal laws
  • Drafted and helped implement policies relating to member and volunteer use of nonprofit-sponsored or -affiliated social media platforms, and helped resolve matters involving improper use of such platforms by members and volunteers
  • Counseled nonprofits in connection with basic employment and human resource issues, including employee terminations, discrimination and harassment, wage and hour issues, worker classifications, social media usage, remote employees, disability accommodations, and other matters
  • Provided ongoing advice and counsel in connection with the interpretation and enforcement of numerous professional association codes of ethics, as well as codes of conduct at association conferences and other events
  • Counseled nonprofits with respect to the complex array of federal and state laws regulating lobbying and political activity, including federal tax laws for 501(c)(6), (c)(4), and (c)(3) organizations, federal and state lobbying disclosure laws, the Federal Election Commission, and state regulators, and advised hundreds of trade and professional associations in connection with the operation of their federal and state political action committees (PACs)
  • Helped draft, interpret, and enforce charitable gift and grant agreements
  • Drafted numerous antitrust compliance policies for trade and professional associations, assisted in the structuring of programs and services to mitigate antitrust risk, delivered antirust training for boards and staff, and counseled associations in the handling and resolution of complex antitrust risks
  • For a large international NGO, worked closely with the board and the senior leadership team to help lead a global governance reorganization of its affiliates and subsidiaries around the world, as well as the related volunteer leadership structure
  • Conducted numerous legal audits of nonprofit organizations in a wide array of legal areas, designed to identify areas of legal risk and exposure and provide practical solutions for minimizing the same, and led dozens of large training sessions for nonprofit staff on topics including UBIT, antitrust, copyrights and trademarks, hotel and other meeting contracts, codes of conduct and ethics, and others
  • Examined nonprofit insurance policies to identify potential coverage gaps based on the organizations’ programs and activities, and attendant risk
  • Established “friends of” organizations in the United States to be able to lawfully raise tax-deductible charitable contributions for overseas efforts
  • Drafted contract provisions, online terms and conditions, and other legal documents in connection with state, federal, and international laws and regulations governing privacy and data security
  • Helped international NGOs evaluate their options relative the hiring of workers, the opening of country offices, and related matters overseas, generally in conjunction with local counsel
  • Advised nonprofits on the lawful operation of raffles, sweepstakes, and other games of chance
  • Advised nonprofits in connection with requested and required accommodations for those with disabilities in connection with their conferences, events, websites, professional certification examinations, and otherwise
  • Served as an expert witness in litigated matters involving insurance coverage for IRS intermediate sanctions and the liability of a national organization for the acts of its chapters

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Jeff is one of the nation’s leading nonprofit attorneys, and a highly regarded and frequent author, lecturer, media commentator, and expert witness on nonprofit legal matters. Formerly the longtime chair of one of the country’s largest nonprofit law practices, he is the recipient of numerous distinguished national awards and honors.
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Nisha is an experienced in-house nonprofit attorney and senior-level business partner. Formerly the associate general counsel of a large REALTOR® association in Northern Virginia, she has a broad understanding of nonprofit legal matters as well as business operations, governance, and development.
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Julie is an experienced in-house nonprofit attorney, executive team member, and a former litigator. Previously the in-house general counsel of a North American medical professional association and a civil litigator in private practice, she has extensive experience with a wide array of legal issues facing nonprofits as well as a nuanced understanding of the business and governance issues in the nonprofit space.
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