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Tenenbaum Law Group Welcomes Addition of Counsel Holly Peterson

The Tenenbaum Law Group (TLG) is pleased to announce the addition of its fifth attorney, Counsel Holly Peterson, to the firm. Prior to joining TLG, Holly served in a senior role on the Legal Resources Team and Leadership Team at the National Association of College and University Attorneys for eight years, where she was immersed in legal and operational issues impacting the nonprofit education sector. During that time, she also acquired significant experience with association and nonprofit operations and management. Prior to that, Holly served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maryland for four years, where she advised and litigated on behalf of the 13 public colleges and universities in Maryland. She has significant experience in the association and nonprofit, employment, and education sectors, and excels at translating complex regulatory and legal issues into practical and digestible solutions for nonprofit organizations. Holly will help to service the firm’s client base of over 650 associations and nonprofits, as well as companies and executives that work with or provide services to nonprofits. Founded on January 1, 2020 by Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum and Partner Nisha Thakker, TLG is nationally recognized, five-attorney, Washington, DC-based, boutique law firm focused exclusively on the nonprofit sector, with clients across the United States.