Tenenbaum Law Group PLLC

Tenenbaum Law Group PLLC is a nationally recognized, Washington, DC-based law firm – with offices in DC and Chicago – specializing in the representation of nonprofit organizations and related entities across the United States. Serving primarily as outside general counsel, the firm advises senior management and boards of directors of charities, trade and professional associations, international NGOs, arts and cultural institutions, foundations, and other nonprofits – as well as companies and executives that work with or provide services to nonprofits – on the broad array of legal issues and challenges they face. The firm brings decades of Big Law experience to bear with small firm cost-efficiency, responsiveness, and turnaround time. With a focus on workable, impactful solutions, spirited defense and advocacy, a practical understanding of the broader nonprofit context and best practices, and attorneys who take their work – but not themselves – very seriously, TLG prides itself on partnering with its clients in a strategic manner to help ensure the utmost effectiveness and results, all while exercising great judgment. Managing Partner Jeff Tenenbaum is widely recognized as one of the nation’s most accomplished nonprofit legal practitioners, a top leader in the nonprofit bar, a frequent media commentator and expert witness on nonprofit legal issues, and a distinguished thought leader and active participant in the nonprofit legal community. Partner and TLG Co-Founder Nisha Thakker has spent most of her 15-year legal career in-house in the nonprofit legal world, bringing a unique, invaluable perspective to the practice. She is a key leader in the firm. Counsel Susan Hamsher spent the majority of her 13-year legal career as an in-house attorney at The Nature Conservancy – one of the world’s largest charities – and most recently was a senior associate at a boutique Washington, DC law firm focused exclusively on the representation of nonprofit organizations. Prior to joining TLG, Associate Cordelia Daniels worked at a boutique law firm in Eugene, Oregon that specializes in the representation of nonprofit organizations, where she provided a broad range of legal services to her clients, and previously served as in-house General Counsel at a nonprofit art college in Portland, Oregon. Nisha, Susan and Cordelia are all very active in the nonprofit legal community. TLG's extensive experience in the nonprofit arena enables it to avoid giving legal advice in a vacuum, but rather it takes into account the broader political, financial, business, and governance context, providing more wholistic legal counsel to its clients, and maximizing its clients' ability to successfully advance their missions and achieve their goals.