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Association Law: What Every State Executive Director Needs to Know… and Then Some, 2020 National Associations of Elementary and Secondary School Principals’ State Executive Directors Professional Development Conference, Fernandina Beach, FL
Attorney: Jeff Tenenbaum
Association Law: What Every Association Executive Needs to Know… and Then Some, 2020 Georgia Society of Association Executives’ Annual Meeting, Savannah, GA
Attorney: Jeff Tenenbaum

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Attorney: Jeff Tenenbaum
Attorney: Jeff Tenenbaum

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Pandemic taking an ax to association revenue, staff and pay

Attorney Jeff Tenenbaum, with Tenenbaum Law Group, who represents both boards and executives in employment matters, said he has not seen contract renegotiations yet, but

expects to. “What I could see, if I was representing the executive, is kind of a deferral, where the executive agrees to take a cut in compensation this year. But assuming the association, by whatever metric

they agree to, is back on track a year from now, the executive would have the opportunity to earn that back.” CEOs working without a contract are subject to pay reductions for any non-illegal

reasons, Tenenbaum said.

CEO Update

Attorney: Jeff Tenenbaum

So You Have to Negotiate a Major Event Cancellation...

Jeffrey Tenenbaum, managing partner at the law firm Tenenbaum Law Group PLLC, was quoted extensively in this article about association meeting cancellations in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic in

"Negotiations between associations, hotel operators and convention centers and their attorneys are rising to front and center in many situations now regarding annual conferences and meetings as a result of COVID-19.

Jeff Tenenbaum, managing partner of the Tenenbaum Law Group, has been at the forefront of the issue while the stakes continue to rise for both sides. He spoke in late March about how all of this is playing out."

Attorney: Jeff Tenenbaum

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Jeff is one of the nation’s leading nonprofit attorneys, and a highly regarded and frequent author, lecturer, media commentator, and expert witness on nonprofit legal matters. Formerly the longtime chair of one of the country’s largest nonprofit law practices, he is the recipient of numerous distinguished national awards and honors.
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Nisha is an experienced in-house nonprofit attorney and senior-level business partner. Formerly the associate general counsel of a large REALTOR® association in Northern Virginia, she has a broad understanding of nonprofit legal matters as well as business operations, governance, and development.
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