The Dual Roles of In-House Corporate Counsel: The Impact on the Attorney-Client Privilege

In-house attorneys are wielding increasing and enormous power in the running of corporate America. Attorneys these days play leading, not just supporting, roles, getting involved in virtually every kind of business decision. Theirs are the minds that… Read More
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Does Your Association Own the Work Product of Your Contractors, Authors, Speakers, Officers, Directors, and Committee Members?

Except for employees acting within the scope of their employment and certain other limited cases, the basic rule under U.S. copyright law is that the creator of an original work is the owner of the copyright in that work (regardless of who paid for t… Read More
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Ten Key Copyright Issues and Pitfalls Every Nonprofit Should Know

For many nonprofits, copyright is the often lesser-known intellectual property (IP) relative to trademark. If you use the terms trademark and copyright interchangeably, you are not alone. Read on for some useful copyright tips. Put simply, trademarks… Read More
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Nonprofit Trademark Basics

Nonprofit names and acronyms may be trademarks protected under federal law or at common law. But what happens when your nonprofit’s name or acronym is used by another nonprofit? Can you prevent the other nonprofit from using your mark or will y… Read More
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Considerations for Determining Whether Association Chapters Should Incorporate

Following are the general considerations regarding whether a chapter of a hypothetical trade or professional association (“Association”) should incorporate or remain as an unincorporated association. Whether chapter incorporation is requi… Read More
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Commercial Co-Ventures: Best Practices for Cause Marketing and State Regulation

A commercial co-venture (“CCV”) is an arrangement between a charity and a commercial entity under which the commercial entity advertises in a sales or marketing campaign that the purchase or use of its goods or services will benefit a charity or… Read More
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Association-Sponsored Research: Minimizing Your Legal Risks

For many associations, research is a critical function. Whether it is industrial, safety, environmental, medical, or other forms of research, and whether it is to benefit your members, your industry or profession, or the general public, the research… Read More
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Assessing and Minimizing an Association's Tort Liability Risk

When assessing potential sources of legal liability for trade associations, threats from products liability litigation probably is not one of the first topics that comes to mind. This is so because causes of action in products cases are often founded… Read More
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Federal Tax Treatment of Associations’ Associate Member Dues

Back in 1997, the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") issued guidance on the tax treatment of the associate member dues income of 501(c)(6) associations (Revenue Procedure 97-12). IRS guidance in this area has not changed since then. This article disc… Read More
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