Business Development Tips and Strategies from an Attorney and What It Can Mean for Coaches

#article-date{display:none;} April 4, 2022 International Coaching Federation 1. Create a presence and reputation in an industry and then continuously build on it. Deliver speaking presentations, write and publish articles, post content on social medi… Read More
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Internal Revenue Code Section 501(q) and Credit Counseling Agencies: An Overview

How 501(q) Relates to Existing IRS Requirements for 501(c)(3) Organizations In addition to meeting all current legal requirements contained in Section 501(c)(3), a credit counseling agency desiring tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) also must… Read More
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UBIT: A Comprehensive Overview for Nonprofits

While most income of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations is exempt from federal and state corporate income tax, certain income of nonprofits is subject to tax – a tax known as the unrelated business income tax (UBIT). The rules governing UBIT are c… Read More
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What’s the Difference Between Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Status?

The terminology used to describe nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations often generates much confusion. Consequently, it is useful to clarify two key terms. Nonprofit entities are generally organized and operated as both nonprofit and tax-exempt entitie… Read More
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Legal Duties of Nonprofit Board Members

Nonprofit officers, directors, committee members, and others involved in the nonprofit's governance structure are often unclear as to their roles and responsibilities. Read More
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UBIT and the COVID-19 Pandemic: What Associations Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused great financial distress and pressure for countless associations, making the need to maximize revenues even greater. As traditional revenue sources such as conference registration fees, exhibitor fees, membership dues… Read More
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Licensing Your Association’s Logo to Others

Whenever an association permits others to use its logo – be it members, chapters and other affiliated organizations, endorsed vendors, corporate sponsors, or others – it is imperative for the association to put strict conditions and limitations o… Read More
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Limitations on Lobbying Activities: The Rules for 501(c)(3) Organizations

Nonprofit organizations that qualify for federal income tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”) have the most favorable tax status, but they also have the most restrictions on government affairs act… Read More
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Mandatory Public Disclosure of the Form 990 and Other IRS Documents: What Tax-Exempt Organizations Need to Know

In general, tax-exempt organizations must make available for public inspection certain annual information and tax returns and applications for recognition of federal tax exemption, and must provide copies of such returns and applications to individua… Read More
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Model Liability Waiver for Association Event Attendees

Should our association require all attendees to agree to a liability release and waiver (“waiver”) as a condition of attendance, assuming the risk of attendance and agreeing not to hold our association liable if the attendee contracts the novel c… Read More
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Jeff is one of the nation’s leading nonprofit attorneys, and a highly regarded and frequent author, lecturer, media commentator, and expert witness on nonprofit legal matters. Formerly the longtime chair of one of the country’s largest nonprofit law practices, he is the recipient of numerous distinguished national awards and honors.
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Nisha is an experienced in-house nonprofit attorney and senior-level business partner. Formerly the associate general counsel of a large REALTOR® association in Northern Virginia, she has a broad understanding of nonprofit legal matters as well as business operations, governance, and development.
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Julie is an experienced in-house nonprofit attorney, executive team member, and a former litigator. Previously the in-house general counsel of a North American medical professional association and a civil litigator in private practice, she has extensive experience with a wide array of legal issues facing nonprofits as well as a nuanced understanding of the business and governance issues in the nonprofit space.
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Susan Hamsher is a nonprofit attorney and business partner with experience providing legal advice in private practice and in-house at one of the world’s largest charities. She excels at incorporating complex legal requirements into effective and practical solutions to advance the strategic business objectives of her clients. Susan has a broad understanding of nonprofit legal matters as well as business operations, governance, and development.
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