Model Lobbying Tax Compliance Guide for Association Staff

What follows is a model lobbying tax compliance guide for employees of a trade or professional association. It is association employees, more than anyone else, who must have a full understanding of exactly what is and is not considered a lobbying act… Read More
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The Federal Lobbying Tax Law: A Summary and Overview for Associations

In 1993, Congress declared that taxpayers no longer will be allowed to deduct for federal income tax purposes the expenses that taxpayers incur when they engage in lobbying. Tax deductibility also is disallowed by this law for a portion of membership… Read More
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Nonprofit Fundraising: Top Ten Things to Know About Charitable Solicitation Regulation

In their search for the next big donor, many well-intentioned nonprofit fundraisers believe that "the wider the net, the greater the catch." Yet expansive outreach can quickly become expensive outreach. Read More
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Legal Duties of Nonprofit Board Members

Nonprofit officers, directors, committee members, and others involved in the nonprofit's governance structure are often unclear as to their roles and responsibilities. Read More
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What Is the Difference Between Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Status?

The terminology used to describe nonprofit organizations often generates much confusion. Consequently, it is useful to clarify two key terms. Nonprofits are generally organized and operated as both nonprofit and tax-exempt entities. “Nonprofit” s… Read More
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Association Standard-Setting Programs: Tips for Minimizing Legal Risks

Standards set by trade and professional associations are increasingly common. Standard-setting confers an array of valuable benefits not only to associations and association members, but also to industry, government and the general public. However, s… Read More
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Association Information Exchanges: Mitigating Antitrust Risk

A key activity of many trade and professional associations is the conduct and publication of surveys of statistical and other information regarding the association’s industry or profession. For instance, many associations survey members and oth… Read More
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Nonprofit Partnerships: A Guide to the Key Legal Issues and Pitfalls

This article uses the term “partnership” as most people would use the word when speaking to one another. When two or more people, or two or more groups of people, pool their resources together and collaborate to achieve a common purpose, it is fa… Read More
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Association Membership Restrictions: A Practical Guide to Avoiding the Antitrust and Tax Pitfalls

Suppose a trade association, in response to a wave of mergers and consolidations in its industry, desires to narrow its focus and represent only a certain segment of the industry – only small, independent members of the industry, for instance,… Read More
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Model Association Antitrust Compliance Policy

The antitrust laws of the United States and the various states prohibit agreements, combinations and conspiracies in restraint of trade. Because the ABC Association (“ABC”) and other trade and professional associations are, by definition,… Read More
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