Corporate Sponsorship and UBIT: What Every Nonprofit Should Know

Most nonprofits are very familiar with the federal Unrelated Business Income Tax (“UBIT”) that imposes a tax – at the flat 21% corporate income tax rate – on net income derived from regularly carried-on trade or business activities that are n… Read More
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The 15 Most Common Nonprofit Bylaw Pitfalls: How to Avoid the Traps

Although it might not be the document most commonly on the minds of nonprofit directors, officers or staff, bylaws form the backbone of governance for nonprofit organizations; they are a very important document. When nonprofits need to consult their… Read More
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Association Codes of Ethics: Mitigating Legal Risk

Association member codes of ethics provide valuable benefits, not only to associations and their members, but also to professions and industries, government and the general public. However, to successfully establish, operate, and enforce such program… Read More
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Debunking the Top Myths about Nonprofit Lobbying, Political Activity, and Tax-Exempt Status

Many 501(c)(3) and sometimes even 501(c)(6) organizations shy away from lobbying and political activities out of concern for their tax-exempt status. But by failing to employ lobbying and political tactics, nonprofits may be neglecting activities tha… Read More
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Legal Checklist for Establishing and Operating a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization

Formation: “Clear” the proposed organization name for corporate and trademark purposes (to be sure it is available and does not infringe anyone else’s trademark rights). Finalize name; select initial board of directors and officers. Create and… Read More
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Nonprofit CEO Employment Contracts: Key Tips, Strategies, Pitfalls and Best Practices

Hiring a new CEO is one of the most significant undertakings in the life cycle of a nonprofit, with far-reaching consequences for both the organization and the CEO. As such, the employment contract between them is a critical document for both sides.… Read More
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COVID-19: Legal Strategies for Association Meetings

Due to the unforeseen and devastating effects of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic, associations are facing incredibly tough decisions right now regarding upcoming and long-scheduled conferences and meetings in the United States and around the… Read More
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Endorsements and Licensing: Minimizing Your Association’s Liability Risk

Associations frequently endorse, sponsor or lend their names to products and services provided by third parties. In addition, associations often “rent” their membership lists to vendors and others for use in promoting beneficial and/or di… Read More
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Association Endorsements: The Current State of the Tax Law

When an association endorses a vendor’s product or service to its members – and is compensated by the vendor for that endorsement – is that compensation taxable to the association? In whole or in part? How can association endorsemen… Read More
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Compensable Time: What Nonprofits Need to Know Regarding Their Non-Exempt Employees

What constitutes “compensable time” for your nonprofit’s non-exempt employees? “Compensable time” is any time the employer suffers or permits an employee to perform the principal activity for which the employee was hired… Read More
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